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Optimus Prime Segway GoKart Pro, Limited Edition

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    The Transformers Optimus Prime GoKart Pro is the ultimate performance racer. Take the battle to the track and drift like a Pro to defeat Megatron and the Decepticons. Feel the 1.02Gs of acceleration and zoom to 24.8 mph with Optimus to save the galaxy.
    Optimus Prime Segway GoKart Pro is the result of an exclusive partnership between Segway and Transformers. In addition to all the high-performance features of the Gokart Pro, these limited edition units feature an eye-catching Optimus Prime design, an integrated speedometer, an engraved metal plate with unique batch number, and an exclusive Transformers Startup Chime via the included Bluetooth Engine Speaker. 

    Top speed can be set in the app at four different levels between 5 and 25 mph. Optimus Prime Segway GoKart Pro comes as a complete unit ready to drive. The detachable S-MAX self-balancing transporter, which serves as the rear wheels, comes already installed and does not have to be purchased separately. 
    • Detachable Self-Balancing Transporter
    • 96Nm Max Torque
    • 1.02G Max. Acceleration
    • 15% Hill Grade
    • App Control
    • Rider Height Range: 51″ to 75″
    • 25 mph Top Speed
    • 15.5 Mile Range

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