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Passcode Lock for Ninebot KickScooters



  • Strong inner core and braided steel cable provide strength, flexibility, and resistance to cutting and sawing
  • PVC coating helps prevent the lock from scratching your scooter or other objects 
  • Self coiling design makes it easy to dock and store the lock using the provided handlebar mount. 
  • 5 digit code provides higher security compared to 4 digit design. Code is easily changeable.

Super High Security

Our 5-digit passcode creates more than 10,000 possible combinations, affording you a high level of safety along with enhanced ease of use.

Sturdy and Secure Anti-Slip Padding

Your lock is 4' (120cm) long by 1/2'' (12mm) in diameter, making it perfect for motorcycles, generators, gates, fences, grills, lawnmowers, skateboards, strollers, scooters, and just about anything you might want to keep safe.

Braided Steel Anti-Theft Wire

High tensile, super-strong braided steel wire—which can withstand 3KN tension and 9KN shear force—means more strength, more durability, and more flexibility.

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